Being Heard Episode 9: Sas Petherick – The Danger of Vulnerability as Currency

Being Heard Episode 9: Sas Petherick

This week is the last episode of Season 1 and my guest is a researcher, coach and podcaster who helps humans transcend self-doubt. Sas Petherick has a degree in Educational Psychology, is qualified with the Coaches Training Institute and has a Masters in Coaching & Mentoring alongside a multitude of other academic qualifications.

I always say to clients, don’t share anything publicly that you haven’t already processed yourself. And you’ll know that you’ve processed it because you will be unattached to how it’s received by people. Whatever anyone says won’t really bother you, or whoever reads it won’t bother you — then that’s a good sign that it’s safe for you to share it.

Sas developed an interest in researching self-doubt and now through her work, she helps women like you and me understand how to stop our self-doubt holding us back and instead cultivate self-belief, self-acceptance, self-trust and self-worth.

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You can find myself or Sas on Instagram @thehappysideof40 and @saspetherick.

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Being Heard Episode 9: Sas Petherick

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