Being Heard Episode 4: Sam Burgess – Having The Confidence To Promote Ourselves and Our Business

Being Heard Episode 4: Sam Burgess - Having the confidence to promote ourselves and our business

“When it comes to PR-ing ourselves [women] seem to lack confidence in talking about our businesses, talking about money and really giving ourselves the space to say ‘yeah, we’re really bloody good at what we do'”.

On this week’s episode I chat to Sam Burgess, the brains and owner behind Small & Mighty Co, previously known as Social Mouth. Sam is a marketing mentor and consultant working with small product-based businesses to give them the tools they need to succeed. She started her podcast, Small and Mighty Conversations, way back in 2017. Initially it began as a means of shining a light on other small businesses doing amazing things and whose journeys she felt should be heard by more people. We talked about how a childhood passion for radio was reignited as a result of life-changing events, the importance of women having the confidence to promote themselves, and above all the value of women being each other’s PR spokesperson.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Teaching rather than doing
  • Needing to understand the ‘why’
  • Why she started her podcast in 2017
  • Getting rid of imposter syndrome
  • Taking a break between seasons
  • Advertising on podcasts and deciding whether to have a sponsor
  • Using a podcast to market your business and yourself
  • Why she doesn’t believe that podcasting is the right medium for everyone
  • Why it’s important for women to learn to PR ourselves
  • Equally having friends who can be your PR spokesperson

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