Being Heard Episode 5: Lucy Lucraft – Privilege, Patriarchy and Podcasting

“It’s important for me to have more inclusion, more diversity [on my podcast] because my listeners – they are being influenced by the people that I interview and I don’t want to reflect a world that doesn’t include them.”

My guest this week on Being Heard is a writer, blogger, podcaster and advocate for low impact lifestyle choices such as veganism and low waste. Lucy Lucraft is a woman unafraid to take on an activist role for what she believes in but does so in a judgement-free way, recognising that we are all doing “the best we can with what we have and what we know“.

Lucy joined me for a chat about the magical feeling of earning her first byline, the challenges of a patriarchal work structure for working women and why it’s important to question privilege, no matter how uncomfortable it may make us feel.

I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope you do too.

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Lucy’s favourite podcasts:

You can join myself and Lucy on Instagram @thehappysideof40 and @lucylucraft.

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