Being Heard Episode 15: Katie Robbins – Finding Something of Your Own

Being Heard Episode 15: Katie Robbins

NOTE: These are strange times in which we find ourselves and I’m conscious that with so much going on “normal” life feels like a distant memory. This episode was recorded before the full impact of Covid-19 was clear so it isn’t mentioned during our conversation. I know that, for me at least, listening to podcasts on normal life is a welcome respite from the rolling news conference we are currently living through. Hence why I am publishing this episode now, I hope it may help others to have a temporary escape at least.

In this week’s episode I’m delighted to chatting to Katie Robbins from KT Robbins Ceramics. Katie started out as a marketeer, working in a corporate role in PR, before taking a break to be at home with her kids. In search of a creative outlet she tried out a variety of classes before discovering a joy in pottery, specifically porcelain pottery. Now she fills her days doing something she loves – making beautiful vases, mugs and candle-holders from her home studio.

It’s like it’s where I always should have been, but I never knew it.

What we talked about:

  • The chance discovery of a teacher who inspired her love of porcelain
  • Identifying the parts of her old career that she loved, even if she didn’t want to return to that job
  • The challenge of being brave enough to walk away from a job that you’re not happy in
  • Having confidence in yourself when you put products out there
  • The importance of marketing yourself and what you do
  • As much as you love your kids, it’s ok to say you need something for yourself as well
  • Telling your story on Instagram and supporting others as well

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Being Heard Episode 15: Katie Robbins

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