Being Heard Episode 13: Helen Wills – There is Nothing About My Age That Limits My Tenacity or Energy for a Job Worth Doing

Popping up in her trademark bright yellow coat this week is my guest Helen Wills. Formerly an Operations Director in the leisure industry, Helen left the corporate world to concentrate on creating her family. While at home with her first child she simultaneously discovered the world of blogging and a joy in writing that she never knew she had. Putting the two together she created Actually Mummy. A mummy blog with a twist that has evolved over the years into a place for conversations around issues for women over 50 and about parenting teens. With her bold colours on Instagram and her honest opinions,  Helen is an advocate for every woman over 50 who still feels she has so much more left to give. This is a woman who is definitely #50NotOut.

“Yes my joints ache, my capacity for work after drinking alcohol has diminished and I’m damned if I can find a heel that will let me run around London as comfortably as I once did. But it’s nothing that flat heels, Becks Blue and ibuprofen gel can’t solve, and there is nothing about my age that limits my tenacity, my project management skills or my energy for a job worth doing.”

What We Talked About:

  • Invisibility that happens as a woman over 50
  • Effect on health and well-being of being a job where you feel you’re stagnating
  • Using it as a catalyst to go and do something different
  • Finding a joy in writing that she didn’t know she had
  • Starting a blog to engage with others and as an outlet for writing
  • Find what you love, start and then figure out how to monetise it
  • Not following trends
  • Coming to terms with her daughter’s diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes and the process of grief for the child whose life has changed overnight
  • Taking a step back, returning to a different landscape and feeling like you have to start again
  • Lack of advice for women over 50 returning to the workplace
  • Feeling like you have so much left more to give in your career

Links From the Episode:

Being Heard Episode 13: Helen Wills - There is nothing about my age that limits my tenacity or my energy for a job worth doing

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