Being Heard Episode 11: Helen Perry – Just Start. If You Do Nothing, Nothing Will Change

For the last two years Helen Perry has steadily created her own colourful corner of the internet. Previously a BBC journalist, she started her instagram account (@notaboutthekids) to help transition from the role of full-time mum back into work after a break of eight years. This space began. as the name suggests, with a conscious decision that it would not be about her role as a mother. Instead she wanted to explore her love of photography and chatting to other like-minded women; all of which has enabled her to build an incredible community around her account. Now Helen teaches others about social media, works with small businesses, writes and organises social marketing events.

What we talked about:

  • Lack of enough voices out there of women in the 40+ age bracket – “There seems to be this vanishing point that happens after you have kids.”
  • Still being ambitious in your 40s and having things you’d like to achieve
  • The impact of time out of the workforce on your sense of self-worth
  • Stepping away from things that were keeping her busy, but weren’t satisfying her ambitions or creative drive
  • How career coaching helped her unpick what she really wanted to pursue and recognise the skills that she has
  • Why she feels the most importance step is to just start doing something; because until you do you won’t get any closer to where you want to be
  • The benefits of investing in yourself and going to in-person workshops as a way of meeting like-minded people and creating a network
  • Embracing the mistakes and learning from them.

Links from the episode:

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