Being Heard Episode 8: Gabrielle Treanor – Overthinking the Past and ‘What If-ing’ the Future

My guest this week describes herself as an Overthinkers’ coach, helping others through her writing, teaching and podcasting to “spend less time overthinking and more time enjoying your life”. Gabrielle Treanor understands what it means to be an Overthinker. Several years ago she recognised the need to quieten her own mind and free herself from the weight of constant worrying.

We often look for permission outside of ourselves. If I say to my friend “I’m so tired” and I’m hoping she’ll say “well you don’t have to come to the party, it’s alright”. But that’s not her job. It’s not her responsibility to give me permission to take care of myself. It’s my responsibility.

Her curiosity on how to do this took her along a path into researching positive psychology, mindfulness and brain science. Gabrielle’s podcast, Pressing Pause, is like a weekly ten minutes of mindfulness that we could all do with in our lives. She offers techniques, strategies and reflection points for Overthinkers like me to deal with fear, develop resilience and calm our minds.

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You can find myself or Gabrielle on Instagram @thehappysideof40 and @gabrielletreanor.

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