Being Heard Episode 3: Anna Dunleavy – Overcoming Nerves and Doing It Anyway

“Something magical happens when we come together and talk about what is relevant to us.”

This week I’m chatting to Anna Dunleavy, the host of the podcast Fearless Hustle Collective. Working as a wedding photographer in Nottingham in 2018, she found herself searching for support locally from other women working in the creative industry. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she set up a group herself! From these early local meet-ups evolved an online membership group, a Facebook group and then a podcast, all aimed at providing a supportive community for creative female entrepreneurs.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Feeling alone when running a business
  • Looking for business besties
  • Creating a community
  • Multi-hyphen careers
  • Fulfilling your career passions
  • Importance of finding people to support you
  • Stepping through self-doubt
  • What ‘hustle’ means to her
  • Overcoming nerves and doing it anyway
  • Process she follows to record a podcast

Links Mentioned:

Anna’s Podcast Recommendations

Anna’s podcast – Fearless Hustle Collective

For links and details on what we discuss in the show, see the full show notes.

For any questions or to chat about what we talk discuss on the show, find us on Instagram @anna_dunleavy and @thehappysideof40.

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Being Heard Episode 3: Anna Dunleavy - Overcoming nerves and doing it anyway

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