Being Heard Episode 10: Becky Avery – Taking Time to Develop Your Business Without Pressure

Becky Avery: Taking time to develop your business without pressure

My guest this week on the podcast is the wonderful Becky Avery, owner of Hazel & Blue – a Wiltshire based company making soy based candles and candle making kits that smell absolutely divine. Becky is someone who has always dreamed of having her own business. Before Hazel & Blue there were several other ideas but none that made it to fruition. But a perfect storm of falling in love with the candle-making process, hitting a milestone birthday and having time off for a major operation all combined to give her the push to launch her business and she hasn’t looked back since.

Listen Now:

What we talked about:

  • How she always dreamed of running a business
  • Hitting a milestone birthday and realising she didn’t want to reach retirement age and never haven’t tried to start a business
  • Despite enjoying her job in healthcare, there was something about following through with a business that she had built herself and which she was proud of
  • Gaining confidence in speaking when you know your business inside-out
  • Being thorough rather than a perfectionist
  • Having her business as side-hustle gave her the opportunity to grow and develop without the financial pressure of needing significant sales
  • The importance of having time to lay down the solid foundations of your brand, your why and your ethos
  • In nursing the patient is at the very core of what you do and they lead the care you provide; Becky has turned this core belief round to placing her customer at the heart of what she does
  • How her project management skills transferred from her nursing management role into seeing the bigger picture

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