Being Heard Episode 1: Josephine Brooks – Productivity, Knowing Your Strengths and Realising You’re Not Alone

Productivity, Knowing Your Strengths and Realising You're Not Alone with Josephine Brooks

“We all struggle with the same stuff and if we can share those stories a bit more, we can make it easier for everyone.”

In the first episode of this new Being Heard podcast, I chat to Josephine Brooks — a planning and productivity mentor for side-hustlers. Josephine helps people who are creating a business on the side of other commitments to build the creative business they dream of. She also hosts On The Make, a podcast where she shares her planning and productivity knowledge alongside guests who share their own experience of growing a side-hustle.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Being more efficient when you only have small windows of time in which to build your business
  • Josephine’s philosophy around doing less and focusing on the stuff that really matters
  • Pivoting your business when you realise it’s not what you truly love
  • How we sometimes fail to recognise our own strengths because they come easily to us
  • Why she adopts a practical, solutions-based approach to her podcast content
  • Why she chose podcasting as a way to share content with her audience
  • The role of On The Make as a marketing content stream for her business
  • Creating a regular routine to produce a weekly show
  • Working through the first awkward few episodes
  • How she uses each episode to support side-hustlers with the challenges they face when trying to build a business and to help them feel less alone.

Links mentioned:

Josephine’s Favourite Podcasts

On The Make podcast

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Productivity, Knowing Your Strengths and Realising You're Not Alone with Josephine Brooks

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