#3 My pick of the podcasts this week were …

This is part of a new series where each week I share the podcast episodes that I’ve particularly enjoyed and think you may too. Happy listening!

In this episode [Sam] chats to Becky Avery, former Nurse and founder of Hazel & Blue, a nature-inspired, customer-centric, thriving candle business. Becky and [Sam] chat marketing, wholesale and growing your own business alongside full-time employment and ask the question, when is the best time to quit the day-job and throw yourself into your business.

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“Are you trying to own all the rooms all the time? Viv Groskop talks to writer, poet and performer Chimene Suleyman about picking your battles, embracing your nerves and finding your cheerleaders.”

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When you’re pregnant with your second baby, everyone thinks you know what you’re doing but often, you don’t! Having a second baby comes with a whole new set of challenges and [Alison’s] guest this week has written a book which helps guide you through them.

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