#2 My pick of the podcasts this week were …

This is part of a new series where each week I share the podcast episodes that I’ve particularly enjoyed and think you may too. Happy listening!

Meik Wiking (pronounced Mike Viking) is the Chief Executive of The Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and he joins me to talk about his study and exploration of happiness in people around the world.

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Linda Taylor was a con artist, a kidnapper, maybe even a murderer. She was also America’s original “welfare queen,” the villain Ronald Reagan needed to create a vision of a country being taken advantage of by its poorest citizens. In this new narrative mini-series, Josh Levin, one of the editors behind Slow Burn, reveals the never-before-told story of a woman whose singular life was forgotten in the rush to create a vicious American stereotype.

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Recommended to me by Suzie Jay of @mylittlemusephoto:

In a live appearance at UCLA’s Royce Hall, New York Times best-selling author, Rhodes scholar and decorated U.S. Army veteran Wes Moore asks a powerful question: “After years working at the same job, have you ever realized you’ve just been going through the motions for as long as you can remember?” Wes shares how he believes we can all discover and pursue our true life’s purpose.

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