Reviewing My 20 for 2020 List

Are you a goal-setter? Yay, me too!! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much I love a 20 for 2020, 19 for 2019 and 18 for 2018 list (does what it says on the tin – you set yourself the same number of goals as are in the last two digits of that year). Last January I shared my 20 for 2020, because accountability is good, and also because I love getting ideas from other people’s lists so I thought this might be helpful for you too!

It’s fair to say that list has had to adapt somewhat. But despite the changes to life as we know it, I still find it super helpful to look back at what goals I achieved, what became less important and what simply became impossible.

The Goals

My 20 for 2020 goals were:

  1. Friday date nights with my hubby. We started well for the first couple of months and hubby even became quite adept at a tasty steak dinner! But I must admit apathy set in as lockdown rolled on and it’s been a while.
  2. Launch my online shop. I did this! Joining Josephine Brooks’ Nurture & Thrive community (sadly now closed) really helped put a rocket up the proverbial and I launched the shop both here and on Etsy. However it’s become a lockdown casualty and over the summer I decided to put both into holiday mode until I can focus more time on producing more products and being more consistent in marketing. So not a failure, just a temporary pause!
  3. Complete Season 2 of the podcast.. All still available in the archive if you fancy a listen, lots of amazing women talking about how they changed careers and what led them there. Hopefully there will be a Season 3 but until schools return for good I’m not even contemplating another season.
  4. Get moles checked. Finally completed in November and I’ve got a referral for mole-mapping, apparently I’m “very mole-y” according to the doc. Charming!
  5. Take part in 30 days of yoga. Yep, and I had the hip strain to prove it.
  6. Attend a Nurture & Thrive meetup. As an introvert this was actually quite a big deal for me. I went. I met some lovely people. I’d definitely do it again!
  7. Make a will. This year. For sure!
  8. Read at least 12 books. Surprised myself with a total of 28 for the year.
  9. Play squash at least once a month. Lockdown obviously made this impossible so instead I’ve taken up running again, this time accompanied by my tween.
  10. Crochet a blanket for our bed. Made it, love it.
  11. Learn to play one full piano piece. Not even a chorus.
  12. Visit one new National Trust property. No chance sadly.
  13. Spend 15 minutes a week creating a ‘Facts of Life’ book. The motivation just wasn’t there for this one. One of those jobs you know you should do, but probably never will.
  14. Print two photo year books. I’m so cross with myself for not getting this done. I did create a lockdown album for all the grandparents but nothing for ourselves. Yet.
  15. Organise a capsule wardrobe for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Definitely makes getting dressed so much easier, I’m keeping this one up this year.
  16. Create a base makeup look that can be completed in 5 minutes. Done, and such a time saver.
  17. Buy a bracelet with my word of the year – Trust. Commissioned a beautiful handmade piece from Ditale Studios.
  18. Create a House book for home projects and tasks. Wrote about it in this blog post, How to Set Up A Bullet Journal.
  19. Use only refillable or solid soap for the whole year. Covid. Lockdown. Enough said.
  20. Buy a pretty ceramic soap dish. Another commission piece which I couldn’t be happier with from KT Robbins Ceramics.

The Results

Which means a grand total of 12 out of 20. And in a year when our lives have fundamentally changed, I’m more than happy with that. What I have learnt from my 2020 list is the importance of firstly setting goals that excite you, and secondly goals that don’t depend on external factors. I’ve got my draft list of 21 for 2021 drawn up and (spoiler alert) there clearly won’t be any travel related ones on there. But I still can’t wait to get started.

My own 20 for 2020 goals

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