Being Heard – Why I Decided To Launch A Podcast

My very first podcast, Being Heard, launches this week and it feels like an emotional milestone for me in so many ways. Putting myself, my thoughts and my voice online in such a visible and public way. So as a self-confessed introvert why did I decide to launch a podcast?

Growing up I was incredibly shy and I really struggled finding the courage to speak. It wasn’t even about speaking up, it was as basic as physically speaking around anyone who I didn’t know well. It left me feeling pretty invisible a lot of the time. And although I learnt with age to manage that social anxiety, it’s still something that lurks around in my brain. A nervous tick, waiting to bubble back to the surface whenever I’m in new surroundings.

So Why Launch A Podcast?

I know there’s plenty of content on other social media channels about people with similar experiences. However podcasts were the place where I really connected to the conversations about anxiety, creativity, business, feminism, mindsets — basically everything that interests me! Even though those podcasts weren’t telling my story, I started feeling less invisible anyway. Simply because I realised I wasn’t alone in struggling with those feelings. I could learn a huge amount from the experiences of others and the ways they navigated around their own self-limiting beliefs.

Ever since I’ve had the itch to talk to the hosts of these podcasts that have had such an impact on me. It interested me to note that so many of these women also identified themselves as introverts. Yet despite their own insecurities, they talk openly about their subject matter in a very visible way and I’m fascinated to find out how they’ve taken that leap.


Like with so many itches I’ve had over the years, it would have been very easy to leave this one unscratched. I still have a list somewhere of my ideas for an interiors/DIY blog back in 2007! Maybe it’s moving into my 40s, maybe it’s because my kids are getting older or maybe it’s because some personal stuff in the last few years has smacked me in the face and reminded me that we never know what’s around the corner. So why waste time wishing I’d done something. Whatever the reason I’ve decided to face down my own fears on this one and, in the words of a certain shoe manufacturer, Just.Do.It.

Which brings me back to the present and this very proud moment. Not just of launching a podcast, but of having the cojones to feel that fear and do it anyway. Each week on Being Heard I’ll be chatting to amazing women who host a podcast. Going behind the scenes of their show, understanding what motivates them and how they’ve overcome their own fears and done it anyway. Listen and subscribe by searching for Being Heard in your podcast app. I’d love to heard about any challenges where you’ve overcome your fear – you can find me over on Instagram at @thehappysideof40 .

Each week I’ll be releasing a new episode and already have some great guests lined up. Look out for Anna Dunleavy from Fearless Hustle Collective, Sam Burgess from Small and Mighty Conversations, Lucy Lucraft from What She Said and Ruth Poundwhite from Creatively Human. I hope you’ll join us!

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