Finding My Business Purpose

In 2017 I left my job as an HR Manager in an SME. I wanted to pursue something more creative, something that felt like my business purpose and gave me the work / life balance I so needed.

In my role I’d done everything from workforce planning, employee relations, training, performance, recruitment, budgeting and presenting business cases to the Board. But after years of juggling work, family and study I felt overwhelmed and disconnected from the balanced life that I longed for.

As a child of the 80s I was brought up believing that women could have it all. But the never-ending pursuit of it all was exhausting.

I started a blog to scratch an itch to write but I wasn’t really sure what to write about. And if I’m honest I kind of prayed no-one would read it.

I joined Instagram because I love photography (although I’m definitely still more comfortable with a smart phone than my SLR). I used it purely for fun, expressing a bit of creativity and trying to find a style that stuck. It was something just for me. A outlet that was separate to my role as a mum. I hid behind my profile and didn’t connect with anyone I knew in real life.

Then one day I stumbled on to the account of Sara Tasker (@me_and_orla). Which led me to her podcast Hashtag Authentic. And from there to a whole world of female creative business owners. I cannot tell you much this uplifted me. Here were ambitious women who weren’t interested in the competitive, soul-sapping 9 to 5. They wanted to live life on their own terms. And they weren’t sitting around waiting for someone else to create the job of their dreams, they were creating it for themselves.

Creative Community

In HR we talk a lot about getting a seat at the table in relation to equality. This was a whole community of women who were creating and building their own damn tables. It’s fair to say it was my lightbulb moment for me. I knew I wanted to use my HR skills to find a way to add something meaningful to this community.

Plenty of writing exists about leadership and how to succeed in large, corporate environments. Likewise you can find out about growing startups from a handful of employees to a million pound enterprise. But information about resourcing for business owners who want to lead a sustainable and consciously small business is harder to find. A business that may intentionally only ever employ a handful of people, or maybe only ever employ themselves.

So here is my business purpose

The world of work is changing and we are increasingly looking to live our lives differently to the standard 9 to 5. I support creative entrepreneurs to build a business that gives them the balance they dream of, by helping them manage their resources effectively and design a business where they can feel at home.

In the last few months I’ve worked on my action plans for this blog. Coming up with content ideas that I feel will support creative business owners who want to grow in a sustainable, purposeful way. For example, over the next few months I’ll be showing you how to design a business rooted in your values. How you know when you’re ready for your first employee. What makes you a creative leader. How to be resilient. How to design a job that people want. And much more besides.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I have plans for additional resources coming in the New Year and I’d love to know what HR challenges you are facing that you need support with.

It would really help me make sure I’m providing something of value if you could complete the super quick survey below. It’s only 6 short questions and I’d be eternally grateful.

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