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Finding podcasts for creative business owners is my favourite past-time at the moment. All creatives have those days when we’re just not feeling ‘it’. The inspiration has left the room. Despite carefully planning our time and having the best of intentions, we find ourselves staring out of the window. Willing that inspiration to pour out of our hearts and on to our work. My go-to for days like these is some inspirational podcasts aimed squarely at creative people.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of sitting and waiting for that inspiration to strike or perhaps distracting ourselves with just a few minutes on Instagram and before we know it, an hour has passed while we’ve been scrolling. But my most effective solution is always to walk away from the computer, tee-up some great podcasts on my phone and take the dog for a walk.

There’s something about the power of a great podcast. You can somehow be simultaneously distracted from your worries, whilst also finding the inspiration to create solutions.

And every podcast has something wonderfully different to offer. I’ve heard the same person being interviewed on different podcasts and still come away with new insights into their story. Today I wanted to share with you five podcasts which really gave me pause for thought in the last six months. You can click on the title to listen to the episode directly in your browser, or if you want to download a playlist to your phone for later then scroll to the end where there’s a link which you can add in your podcast app.

5 Inspiring Podcasts for Creative Business Owners

1. Building a Creative Business From the Ashes of Your Old Life – Hashtag Authentic

Published 4th Jul 2018.

“Syreeta Challinger started her lifestyle brand and online studio, Moments of Sense and Style, following a total upheaval of her and her partner Rob’s life. Life changed in a heartbeat when Rob suffered a severe stroke and brain haemorrhage whilst on holiday in Sydney, Australia, miles from home, friends and family.”

2. Lucy Sheridan, The Comparison Coach – Wobble

Published 25th Apr 2018

“On this episode Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell chat to The Comparison Coach, Lucy Sheridan. Lucy is a life coach who has built an incredible empire through her work on the comparison monster, how it can strike and what to do when it does. After falling in to her own comparison hole five years ago, Lucy talks about how she got out of it as well as her brilliant advice for your own comparison traps and what to do when jealousy calls.”

3. Let’s Talk About Running a Business When you Live with a Chronic Illness – Letters from a Hopeful Creative

Published 16th Jul 2018

“In this episode Sara and Jen respond to a letter writer who is running their business alongside multiple chronic illnesses who asks, how can I cope with feeling like I’m always two steps behind everyone else because of my health? They share their own experiences of living with chronic illness and their advice and encouragement for anyone who has to pursue their creative dreams at a slower pace.”

4. How to See Through the Mess and Declutter Your Life with Tracy McCubbin – Vibrant Happy Women

Published 29th May 2018

“All the STUFF in our lives can sap our energy and leave us feeling overwhelmed. Learn how to simplify and free up time and space with some mindful clutter-cutting strategies that work.”

5. How to Begin a Practice of Loving Kindness with Jane Reeves – Courage & Spice

Published 3rd Oct 2018

“There will never be an end to suffering and there will never be an end to personal pain, growth and evolution, but Loving Kindness offers us a practice where we can sit down in our bodies and feel our way into our hearts. A Heart of Gold: Lessons on the Path of Loving Kindness is the culmination of a lifetime of teachings and personal practice of Loving Kindness.”

Download the Playlist

To download these five episodes directly to your phone as a playlist, copy and paste the link below into your podcast app (go to Add URL on your app).

Unfortunately for iPhone users the Apple Podcasts app doesn’t allow for this feature without some complicated syncing to iTunes. However if you’re feeling so inclined to try an alternative, more flexible way to listen to podcasts I currently recommend Overcast.

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5 Awesome Podcasts for Creative Business Owners

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