Being Heard Episode 15: Katie Robbins – Finding Something of Your Own

Being Heard Episode 15: Katie Robbins

[wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left” margin_top=”5″ margin_bottom=”5″ class=””] NOTE: These are strange times in which we find ourselves and I’m conscious that with so much going on “normal” life feels like a distant memory. This episode was recorded before the full impact of Covid-19 was clear so it isn’t mentioned during our conversation. I know that, for…

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Being Heard Episode 14: Jo Hooper – Dealing With An Unhealthy Relationship With Work

Being Heard Podcast Episode 14 - Jo Hooper

After a slightly longer than planned hiatus, Being Heard is back! And I’m thrilled to be talking to Jo Hooper from @madandsadclub. Following recovery from her own mental health breakdowns back in 2018, Jo describes her ‘year of breakdowns’ as a trigger which planted the seed to change her working life and do something differently.…

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Being Heard Episode 13: Helen Wills – There is Nothing About My Age That Limits My Tenacity or Energy for a Job Worth Doing

Being Heard Episode 13: Helen Wills - There is nothing about my age that limits my tenacity or my energy for a job worth doing

Popping up in her trademark bright yellow coat this week is my guest Helen Wills. Formerly an Operations Director in the leisure industry, Helen left the corporate world to concentrate on creating her family. While at home with her first child she simultaneously discovered the world of blogging and a joy in writing that she…

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Being Heard Episode 12: Charlie Swift – Follow Your Curiosity, Use What You Have Available and Be Playful

Being Heard Episode 12: Charlie Swift - Follow your curiosity, use what you have available and be playful

This week my guest is creative business mentor and fellow podcaster, Charlie Swift. Back in 2016 Charlie was working in social media marketing when she was made redundant for the second time. Realising that employment did not equal job security, Charlie decided to try self-employment and see where it would take her. With no formal…

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Being Heard Episode 11: Helen Perry – Just Start. If You Do Nothing, Nothing Will Change

For the last two years Helen Perry has steadily created her own colourful corner of the internet. Previously a BBC journalist, she started her instagram account (@notaboutthekids) to help transition from the role of full-time mum back into work after a break of eight years. This space began. as the name suggests, with a conscious…

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Being Heard Episode 10: Becky Avery – Taking Time to Develop Your Business Without Pressure

Becky Avery: Taking time to develop your business without pressure

My guest this week on the podcast is the wonderful Becky Avery, owner of Hazel & Blue – a Wiltshire based company making soy based candles and candle making kits that smell absolutely divine. Becky is someone who has always dreamed of having her own business. Before Hazel & Blue there were several other ideas…

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Being Heard Episode 9: Sas Petherick – The Danger of Vulnerability as Currency

Being Heard Episode 9: Sas Petherick

This week is the last episode of Season 1 and my guest is a researcher, coach and podcaster who helps humans transcend self-doubt. Sas Petherick has a degree in Educational Psychology, is qualified with the Coaches Training Institute and has a Masters in Coaching & Mentoring alongside a multitude of other academic qualifications. I always…

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Being Heard Episode 8: Gabrielle Treanor – Overthinking the Past and ‘What If-ing’ the Future

My guest this week describes herself as an Overthinkers’ coach, helping others through her writing, teaching and podcasting to “spend less time overthinking and more time enjoying your life”. Gabrielle Treanor understands what it means to be an Overthinker. Several years ago she recognised the need to quieten her own mind and free herself from…

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Being Heard Episode 7: Jessica Rose Willliams – Finding Your Voice, Call-Out Culture, Accepting Discomfort

This week on Being Heard, I’m joined by Jessica Rose Williams. Jessica is a talented writer, photographer and podcaster. After years of feeling deeply unfulfilled in job at the NHS, she took the monumental decision to simplify her life. “Failure isn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. But it is inevitable,…

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