Career Fulfilment: Answering The Question of What Next?

There is no innovation or creativity without failure - Brene Brown quote

[wc_box color=”info” text_align=”left” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” class=””] This post was first sent to my newsletter subscribers in June 2019, explaining the reasons why I started researching career fulfilment and career change for women seeking a more creative path. [/wc_box] Two years ago in May I left my job of 13 years and became a stay-at-home mum.…

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I Am Not A Niche: Why I’ve Fallen Out of Love with Instagram

October Bullet Journal monthly spread

[wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” class=””] This post is adapted from an original post on Instagram. After a near three month break I realised the truth behind my online absence was not lack of time; in reality I had fallen out of love with Instagram. Here’s why. [/wc_box] This week I joined a community group…

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The quest for work-life balance is unbalancing us

Vase on a window

For a decade or so we’ve talked about work-life balance as the holy grail. Find that perfect marriage of work productivity and personal fulfilment and we’ll all be winners. Employers will benefit from less stress amongst employees; we’ll benefit from a greater quality of life. Happier, healthier workplace all round. Yet despite our quest for…

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Why Is Career Fulfilment So Important to Me?

Blossom by the lake with boathouse

I’ve recently started a research project exploring career fulfilment: what is it, how can we find it but first and foremost — why does it matter so much to us? Before I start looking for research in this area, I wanted to understand my own perspective. Why is so important to me? Everyone’s answer will…

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