The quest for work-life balance is unbalancing us

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For a decade or so we’ve talked about work-life balance as the holy grail. Find that perfect marriage of work productivity and personal fulfilment and we’ll all be winners. Employers will benefit from less stress amongst employees; we’ll benefit from a greater quality of life. Happier, healthier workplace all round. Yet despite our quest for…

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6 Tips For Setting Boundaries At Work When You’re a Business Owner

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.An unexpected challenge of running your own business is that it feel like you are NEVER on holiday. One of the most common frustrations I hear from fellow freelancers or business owners is that setting boundaries at work is hard! There is no-one else who will answer the emails, fulfil the orders, deal with client…

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4 Ways to Gently Boost Your Productivity

Productivity has always been a passion of mine. I took great pride in my reputation at work for being hyper-organised. I had mindmaps, notation systems, colour-coding, electronic reminders, Trello boards, Outlook flags, post-its, moleskine journals, washi tapes … the whole shebang. And for a long time it worked beautifully. Until it didn’t any more. There…

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5 Simple Steps to Less Paper Clutter

In my previous post, Conquer the Clutter, I set myself a 4 week challenge to declutter my home before the start of the school holidays. Week 1’s challenge was tackling the paper mountain of bills, school notices, kids’ artwork and the myriad of other paperwork that seems to accumulate in every corner of the house.…

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