I Am Not A Niche: Why I’ve Fallen Out of Love with Instagram

October Bullet Journal monthly spread

[wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” class=””] This post is adapted from an original post on Instagram. After a near three month break I realised the truth behind my online absence was not lack of time; in reality I had fallen out of love with Instagram. Here’s why. [/wc_box] This week I joined a community group…

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Why Is Career Fulfilment So Important to Me?

Blossom by the lake with boathouse

I’ve recently started a research project exploring career fulfilment: what is it, how can we find it but first and foremost — why does it matter so much to us? Before I start looking for research in this area, I wanted to understand my own perspective. Why is so important to me? Everyone’s answer will…

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5 Awesome Podcasts For Creative Business Owners

Creative Community

Finding podcasts for creative business owners is my favourite past-time at the moment. All creatives have those days when we’re just not feeling ‘it’. The inspiration has left the room. Despite carefully planning our time and having the best of intentions, we find ourselves staring out of the window. Willing that inspiration to pour out…

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Learning to let go of other people’s idea of perfection

Summer is the time when our thoughts turns to holidays. But what if someone’s holiday is coming to visit you? How can we be good hosts, without losing our minds under the pressure of providing their perfect break? We have a lot of family coming to stay at our house during the year. An inevitable…

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Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

After a disastrous Bank Holiday weekend with the kids I turned to some great advice from the Happier podcast in Episode 168: Remember, this is supposed to be fun! In this episode Gretchen and Liz talk about not letting your expectations, goals and plans get in the way of going with the flow. I tried this…

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Starting a Happiness Project.

Karen Andrews

How many times each week are we asked how we are? And how many times do we reply with the same stock response without a second thought? In my case it was always that word, fine. Never great. Never brilliant. Never awful either mind. But always … fine. I just assume people don’t really want…

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