How to Use the Alastair Method in Your Bullet Journal

The Alastair Method of Bullet Journaling

The Alastair Method of Bullet Journaling

What is it?

The Alastair Method is a form of bullet journaling created by a guy called Alastair Johnston, hence the name! I use it when time is short, there’s lots of tasks and I want to figure out how to spread the workload across a week.

How does it work?

  • Space out 8 horizontal boxes on the top left of your grid journal page and write in the initial for each day of the week. In the eighth box draw an arrow facing to the right.

  • Below and to the right of the days of the week, list all tasks for that week in a vertical list.
  • Working through your task list, place a small dot in the box that corresponds to the day of the week you plan to complete the task on. Tasks can be assigned to single or multiple days.

  • Sense-check your workload to see that it’s spread appropriately across the week and amend if necessary. When tasks are completed, turn the dot into a cross. If a task is migrated to another day, turn the dot in to an arrow. At the end of the week any tasks still outstanding get an arrow placed in the eighth box. This makes it easy to see what tasks you’ll be starting with next week.

  • I like to create my list on the left hand side of a double page spread. This leaves the right side for listing my weekly priorities, gratitude or what ever else I want to keep track of that week.

When to use it?

Weekly planning where you have lots of tasks that spread across multiple days. Or tasks that may end up migrating from one day to the next if other priorities come up. This method is really useful for spreading your workload evenly across the week, as you can easily see which days are overloaded and which are not.


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  1. Hi Karen! I absolutely LOVE your ‘How to Use the Alastair Method in Your Bullet Journal’ post!!!!! I have been drafting versions but this is the best one so far, thank you!!!!

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