Plan With Me: My June Bullet Journal Set-Up 2020

June bullet journal cover page

I went with a floral theme for my June bullet journal spreads. After treating myself to some new Derwent Coloursoft Pencils, this was the perfect opportunity to put them to good use and really bring some colour in to my journal.

June bullet journal cover page

I’ve really enjoyed my previous monthly layouts, where I’ve created a block per week rather than per day. With lockdown still in full swing here in the UK, and homeschool taking over most of my time, this layout gives me the flexibility to focus on what I need to achieve in a week rather than tying it to a specific day.

Floral June monthly spread

I loved how those two spreads turned out. But I’m not going to lie – they weren’t quick to create. So by the time it came to my first weekly layout, speed was of the essence. I kept it super simple. Bringing the colours through from the floral theme I created 7 x 26 horizontal boxes for each day, a to-do section and a section to note down what I loved that week. June bullet journal set-up and ready to go!

Simple weekly bullet journal spread

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