Plan With Me: My April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

This month was all about creating a sense of flow from one month to the next. So much has changed in our all lives since March; but while this period feels like it will never end, I wanted my April 2020 bullet journal setup to be a constant reminder this month that time continues to flow and this too will pass.

April 2020 cover page - Remember this too will pass

I went for a less structured layout for the monthly spread. With the kids at home it would be utterly ridiculous to commit myself to a rigid plan for getting work done. I can roughly plan what I’ll do in a specific week, but whether that happens on a Monday or a Friday will be anyone’s guess! With this in mind I created a box for each week rather than a day by day calendar.

April 2020 monthly spread

I’m also going to stick to a simple daily plan rather than a day by day week. It worked well for me at the back end of March so for now I’ll just keep going with that. I also made sure to add in a section for gratitude. I find this quite helpful to look at when I’m at the height of a “this is all f*-ing impossible!!” meltdown. A few lines of gratitude is usually enough to help me see the glass as half full. Have a lovely month everyone!

April daily log

2 thoughts on “Plan With Me: My April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. You draw and write so beautifully! I’ve never owned a bullet journal but perhaps I should get one? Having a gratitude list is a great idea in these times and I like a looser structure to my days than normal too.

    1. That’s so kind of you to say, thank you Camilla! Definitely give bullet journaling a go – it’s so great as a creative outlet at the moment x

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