Hi, I’m Karen.

I live in Manchester with my husband, two kids and a dog that likes to run in circles.

For a long time I felt like I was running in circles too. I assumed I should have my life figured out by my 40s, but it turns out that the messy middle takes longer than I thought. And I’m learning that experimenting is where the fun stuff happens!

This blog is a place where I share my thoughts and experiences of what I’m learning as I go.  I also produce a podcast called Being Heard, a place to hear stories about incredible women who are finding their place in the world.

Thanks for coming by!

Get In Touch

You can find me on Instagram or drop me an email at karen@thehappysideof40.com if you feel you have a story you would like to share on the podcast. This season, I’m interviewing creative women who have left behind their previous careers to navigate a more creative and fulfilling path.

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